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6 best Autumn day trips from London

Updated: Jan 2

With Londons population increasing by the day, it's hard to go to places to escape the crowds and tourists. There's always something to do in London, whether that be landmarks to see of restaurants to eat at. However this comes at the price of either waiting in a queue for 30 minutes to an hour to get in or even take a photo.

Well this Autumn, they'll be no need to stay in London once you hear about all these cool little day trip ideas! It's good to escape the London hustle and bustle bubble every once in a while, and with the Autumn colours in full swing, this is the perfect time!

We’ve picked out some great ways to escape the capital with these autumn day trips which are not too far from London too. So start planning your available weekends around some of these!

The South Downs

1) Great Yarmouth & The Norfolk Broads

Now, we know we said these places would be close to London, however even though this one is slightly further away, it's definitely one of our favourites on the list. Just get up an hour earlier to catch an early train and you'll have a brilliant day out!

Why not head over to the Pleasure Beach if it's a clear day in England (don't hold your breath!), or check out some of the links to British history, with Wellington Pier standing out the most.

If neither of these float your boat, you can take a drive into the countryside to find the Norfolk Broads!

Great Yarmouth & The Norfolk Broads

2) The South Downs

The gorgeous South Downs are just over an hour away from London, and well worth a visit when you have a spare weekend. We definitely recommend checking out the town of Arundel, which boasts an impressive Norman castle. To feel like you’ve stepped back in time, why not wander the gardens and watch the castle knights put on a combat and weapons demonstration!

If you're after something for a bit more upbeat and activeness, there are plenty of walking and cycling paths/routes along the South Downs Way. It's worth noting it’s a hundred miles long, so maybe don’t try to do it all in a day.

The South Downs

3) The Cotswolds

Now The Cotswolds are what cute Autumn day trips are made of! The wall through the village, stopping off for a pub lunch, and then perhaps a stop at the local sweet shop? Whilst you may see similar levels of people to London, why not head to Castle Combe for a secluded trip? It's perhaps the most beautiful of the lot in Autumn, and you might recognise it from a few TV and movie shows.

There are plenty of other places to visit in The Cotswolds too, for example the trio of Stow on the Wold, Moreton-in-Marsh, and Bourton-on-the-Water. They're not only tongue twisters, but they’re three of the most beautiful little places in England!

The Cotswolds

4) Bath

Now however you pronounce Bath, whether that be 'Barth' or 'Baff', it still makes for a lovely day or weekend trip from London. Of course when visiting, you have to pay a visit to the Roman Baths which gives the town its highly 'creative' name.

There are many other attractions to in Bath, including the Bath Abbey as well as The American Museum of Britain (which is the only museum of Americana outside of the US).

If you're looking for hidden gems in Bath, why not check out our top 8 hidden gems to visit in Bath article.


5) Canterbury

Out of everything on this list, I would say Canterbury is definitely the easiest place to travel from London. Simply just hop on the fast train from London Kings Cross St Pancras and you'll be pretty much in the main town of Canterbury in 50 minutes!

It's worth noting you’re unlikely to encounter knights or pardoners nowadays, but the city nonetheless is an intriguing mix of medieval and modern. As it was for the Wife of Bath & co, the big attraction is the stunning Canterbury Cathedral, one of England’s best loved buildings.


6) The New Forest

Welcome to The New Forest; this picturesque beautiful part of England has been attracting visitors since 1079, when William the Conqueror arrived and proclaimed its his ‘new hunting forest’. Fast forward to a thousand years later and the name has stuck, as have the forest laws he put in place.

We recommend either cycling around the woodland, or better still maybe a horseback ride given how many ponies there are roaming through the forest! Whilst the ancient forests are the main draw, particularly with the autumn colours about, there are also quaint villages to look at.

The New Forest

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the some of the best Autumn day trips which aren't too far away from London! Whether you're driving or accessing via public transport, we're sure these places are going to make a great enjoyable day out for everybody!

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