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Best Hidden Waterfalls in North East England to visit

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track waterfalls scattered across North East England.

You might be surprised to know that the North East of England has some of the most picturesque waterfalls scattered around it. Some of our favourite waterfalls in the whole of the UK are even located in the North East so if you're looking for a fresh fall to go and visit, why not check out some of these?

In this article, we share the top 8 hidden waterfalls in North East England which you need to add to your Bath bucket list this year. We hope you enjoy!

Hardraw Force is England's highest single fall waterfall, and should definitely be up there on your waterfall bucket list. If you're ever in the Yorkshire Dales then this gem should be on your list. The only downside is there is an entrance fee in order to see the waterfall, and last time we heard it was around £4 per person.

Fans of Robin Hood will recognise this location, as it was used to film the bathing scene where he was shot! After rainfall Hardraw Force Waterfall is absolutely breath-taking, we can't imagine what it'll look like after a downfall!

For the visitors feeling adventurous, why not take the upper walk and go around the top of the waterfall for some pretty amazing views! But be warned, there are many many steps in your way!

Image of Hardraw Force Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @x.justwandering.x via Instagram.

If you're in the area we would definitely recommend checking out the Falling Foss Waterfall. If you want to climb down to the waterfall beware there is no recognised path, so you'll need to do a bit of scrambling (especially if you want a quick paddle!).

Falling Foss Waterfall is a must-visit if you're ever around Whitby. It's a gorgeous location which features a circular walk for those wishing to explore the woods as well as the waterfall. However as the walk is quite tricky, it isn't suitable for those with mobility issues or those with pushchairs.

We would absolutely recommend visiting one of Yorkshire's finest waterfalls, and whilst you're there why not check out the tea garden right next to it? You can enjoy a bite to eat whilst listing to the trickling of the waterfall!

High Force Waterfall is a spectacular place to check out and is well worth a visit. You can visit during a drought and it'll still be pretty impressive. It's worth noting that there is a charge for parking and another small charge for the short walk to the waterfall itself.

However, save yourself some money and do the longer walk which is free (and a better viewpoint from the top too!).

Described by some as one of the best waterfalls they have ever seen in the UK, High Force Waterfall should be at the very top of your UK Waterfall Bucket List. The sound of the falls crashing is something else too.

High Force Waterfall can be accessed from a wide variety of paths, depending on how long you want to walk for. One of our favourite places to view the waterfall is from the Pennine Way path which can be accessed from further down the High Force.

Image of High Force Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @marcellasaurus via Instagram.

Linhope Spout is a lovely little waterfall which is about an hours walk each way. It's slightly difficult to get to for certain people due to the amount of time it takes to get there. There's a lovely pool at the bottom of the fall which is perfect for a lovely dip.

Linhope Spout is a gorgeous little gem in the Northumberland countryside. It's a pleasant walk to the waterfall however it could be slightly difficult to reach for certain individuals due to the steep descent to get to the falls. It does take a bit of scrambling so it's probably not one to visit if you have walking difficulties.

It's about an hours walk to and from the falls so do wear appropriate footwear. There are a few plunge pools surrounding Linhope Spout for those who are feeling brave enough to jump in. Not sure if they're deep enough to dive in, so it's best to check for yourself.

5) Routin Linn

Tucked away in a cute village in Northumberland is Routin Linn, a gorgeous hidden gem of a waterfall. There are various different spellings for this waterfall, in which the more-known one is Roughting Linn. It's a lovely little waterfall which isn't too far from the road so its definitely worth a visit.

Low Force Waterfall is another stunning waterfall in the North East. There's a nice little hike to walk to get to the waterfall, and is perfect for all abilities. There are loads of beautiful spots to stop and have a picnic close to the water.

Water, waterfalls, a public walkway suspension bridge and all the nature you can handle is what visitors will be greeted at Low Force Waterfall! It's a brilliant adventure for the path walkers, rock climbers or even those who just want to get some fresh air. If you've got time to kill, the High Force Waterfall is only a 30 minute walk away.

The overall hike is perfect for all abilities, and there are so many beautiful spots to stop and have a picnic close to the water!

Take a lovely walk from the car park to the waterfall, crossing the stream over 6 bridges before getting to the amazing Hareshaw Linn. There's a gorgeous little bench you can sit on with a great view of the waterfall, perfect for a picnic pit-stop!

Enjoy a pleasant 1.5 mile walk around the woodlands admiring the wildlife and other picturesque waterfalls when you visit Hareshaw Linn. On the walk from the car park to the main waterfall you'll pass a number of smaller waterfalls on the way which are definitely worth stopping for (especially if you're into photography).

It'll take you around 1.5 - 2 hours to do the full walk (that's if you stop off to take photos etc) so this location is definitely one to visit if you're looking for a long-ish walk to complete.

Hindhope Linn is an amazing waterfall perfect for everybody of all ages! The walk isn't too long or demanding, and is definitely a hidden gem in the enchanted forest (perfect for all you photographers out there!).

The walks around the Hindhope Linn are absolutely gorgeous, however judging by recent reports it looks like the routes have been blocked off due to storm damage. That means it's only a short walk between the car park and the falls, and that's it! So, based on that we recommend visiting if you happen to be in the area.

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known waterfalls which are scattered around North East England. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your English trip even more memorable!

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