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Fairbrook Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Peak District, England

Updated: Jan 2

Fairbrook Waterfall is another waterfall which can be admired by hikers who are doing the Kinder Scout route. It's visible from the path although it does require a steep scramble to reach it. Obviously don't attempt to visit during rainy weather for obvious reasons!

Image of Fairbrook Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @josh_aram via Instagram.

The Fairbrook Waterfall is a series of gorgeous cascades located on the lower slopes of Kinder Scout. However it isn't the easiest to access, due to a bit of scrambling being required! You'll have to scramble across the valley sides in order to get to the Fairbrook Waterfall, but it's well worth it as per the photos.

Wild swimmers will be pleased to know there's also a selection of natural pools at Fairbrook Waterfall. For those that want to make the day off it, you can visit this as part of the Nether Red Brook to Kinder Downfall walk.

Things to know before visiting Fairbrook Waterfall

  • Visitors can enjoy wild swimming when they visit Fairbrook Waterfall.

  • This waterfall is dog-friendly, however we recommend keeping them on the lead.

Image of Fairbrook Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @jamesgrantphotography via Instagram.

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