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Fans hiked 7 hours to the UK's most remote festival

Now that's what you call dedicated! Hundreds of music fans hiked their way to one of the UK's most remote gigs; located deep in the Snowdonia National Park.

Those who had signed up to the gig had five different hikes to choose from in order to reach the venue. The easiest one took two hours, and hardest hike took seven.

The festival was held on the 18th May, and were sent the co-ordinates to the gig location on the morning of the event; before being led by hike leaders to the performance.

Image Credit: HikeFest 2024 by Colombia
Image Credit: HikeFest 2024 by Colombia

All of those who walked their way through Snowdonia ended their trip at the Ffynnon Llugwy reservoir in the Carneddau range of mountains; which was where the intimate acoustic gig took place.

Hundreds of hikers made it to the event, with the area so remote that not even phone signal was reachable!

Which isn't the worst thing, as it allowed listeners to enjoy the gig with only the music and naturally beautiful surroundings to captivate them.

Image Credit: HikeFest 2024 by Colombia
Image Credit: HikeFest 2024 by Colombia

The festival was called 'The Off-Grid Gig', and was part of Columbia Hike Society's HikeFest.

This is a new festival of hiking, and involves the listeners to put on their hiking boots to trudge through fields and up hills to reach the very remote venue.

You'll be pleased to know Columbia Hike Society's HikeFest has launced a series of over 40 free guided hikes across the UK this summer, so get yourself down to one!

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