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Monknash Beach | Hidden Beach in Wales

Updated: Jan 2

Monknash Beach is a lovely beach which isn't your usual type of beach. There's a mixture of sea and sand as well as pebbles, and there's loads of rock pools and cliffs to explore!

Image of Monknash Beach in Wales
Photo taken by @beckilane_ via Instagram.

We recommend checking the tide times before visiting Monknash Beach as there's not much to see at high tide, however at low tide you can follow the cliff round to a sandy bay.

Great beach a very short drive from Cardiff. Pembroke is incredible - but not exactly a day trip. For an afternoon at the beach Monknash is a solid choice. – Google Review

The car park is a 15 minute walk to the beach and is via a nature reserve so you can't drive any closer, and we also recommend wearing comfy shoes as it's quite a rocky trail!

Things to know before visiting Monknash Beach

  • Monknash Beach is dog friendly.

  • There is an official car park for Monknash Beach, and it is £3 for the day via an honesty box.

Image of Monknash Beach in Wales.
Photo taken by @matdubpix82 via Instagram.

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