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Nantcol Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Wales

Updated: Jan 3

The pools at Nantcol Waterfall are definitely up there with some of the best. If you're staying at the nearby campsite, there is a lovely spot to paddle especially for the younger ones. However as you walk further up the falls there is a beautiful pool which is much deeper and once you get to the big pool the pool there is perfect for a good old swim!!

Image of Nantcol Waterfalls in Wales
Photo taken by @chaosandthecaravan via Instagram.

The waterfalls at Nantcol are absolutely amazing, and we definitely suggest having a dip if you're brave enough! There are some lovely walks around the site and we highly recommend watching the sunset over Snowdonia from the rocks at the top of the waterfall!

The location is fantastic, such a beautiful area with stunning walks right from the site itself. The waterfalls are beautiful and definitely worth a visit. – Google Review

For those staying at the nearby campsite, you'll be pleased to hear the river flows through the campsite with a cute picnic island in the middle where the river splits into two. There is no phone signal here at the campsite so it really is the perfect place to relax and go off grid.

Image of Nantcol Waterfalls in Wales
Photo taken by @cbdwithsoph via Instagram.

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