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NC500 locals blast visitors for invading their tiny village

Villagers in some of the NC500 hot spots have revealed why they are unhappy with the visitors who are stopping in their tiny community every night!

One popular destination on the North Coast 500 is the picturesque Durness in Sutherland, however many residents say they've been swamped by unwanted guests who refuse to pay to stay at the local campsite.

Instead, they claim the visitors are ignoring the 'no overnight parking' warning signs and are simply setting up wherever they want in the community.

Image of Durness Bay in Scotland

The locals are claiming the camps are wreaking havoc in Durness and are driving people who stay there 'round the bend'.

One local said: “This is beyond infuriating. It’s an invasion every single day and night. There is no other way to describe it.

“If you are a guest in someone's home, you show respect. It is common courtesy. People who camp like this are not welcome.

“It is definitely disrespectful. What we have here is people who come and expect to stay wherever they want for free without regard to the communities.”

Image of Smoo Cave in Scotland

Astoningshly, Durness only has a population of 400 but during the height of Summer, it's thought more than 3x that number stays there overnight.

There is an official campsite, however residents claim it's being ignored by a huge amount of visitors simply because they don't want to pay.

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