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The Vaults | Hidden Gem in London

Updated: Jan 3

It doesn't sound like the best night out to be lost in a network of dim tunnels beneath the city. However, things change when the said tunnels are host to immersive performances of theater, comedy, and other genres.

Image of The Vaults in London

The location in question is The Vaults, which is currently hosting the VAULT Festival. It is tucked away beneath Waterloo station, where the sound of passing trains only enhances the subterranean ambiance.

Don’t walk, but RUN to go see this. Oh my god, this was a super cool area to visit! The Vaults has so much personality from the art to the people there. I loved it! If you’ve never been, go see it! If you’re visiting, like I am, make sure you put this on your travel itinerary. YOU WON’T REGRET IT – Google Review

There aren't many places like The Vaults that you just happen to find. Unless of course you have a habit of exploring tunnels covered in graffiti. To be fair, the local street art is beautiful and well worth a look. Graffiti is not only accepted but actively encouraged on Leake Street in London, earning it the moniker "Banksy Street."

Things to know before visiting The Vaults

  • The Vaults is wheelchair-friendly.

  • You can enjoy live music performances at this location!

Image of The Vaults in London
Photo taken by @bogdan_d13 via Instagram.

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