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TubTanks: The perfect recovery bath every hiker needs

We were lucky enough to try the 4ft Oval Stock Tank from TubTanks and we used it as an ice bath. If you're a hiker or are simply into exercising, then you need to check out this ultimate recovery bath!

Image of a Stock Tank from TubTanks

Our First Impressions

Looking for a durable and versatile solution for your water containment needs? Look no further than the storage tanks offered by Even if you don't use it as an ice bath, they are also great for a variety of other uses such as paddling pools, hot tubs, planters, dog pools, and even ponds!

It arrived within a few days which is amazing, and was really easy to fill up and get to work! I was keen to get into cold water therapy this year and this tank makes sure I stick to that promise every day. Being in the UK of course we're subjected to cold weather, so it easily gets cold overnight ready for the morning.

It really is a simple product, and it also comes with a cover to keep all the rain water and creatures out of it! In the summer I am really keen to get it set up as a hot tub.

One of the great features that the TubTank brand has to offer are the storage tanks can be customized to your needs! They offer heaters, vinyl wraps and personalized colours, patterns and text so that you can give your tank a unique look.

Interesting specs about the Tub Tank

The tank is made from high-quality materials and features 4 layers of taped seams that contain a sealant to make it durable and able to withstand heavy use. The top of the tank has 22mm (0.875") steel tubing wrapped around the top edge for a smooth, shatterproof finish.

Draining the tank is easy with a 19mm (0.75 inch) galvanized screw-in plug. Manufactured from G90 steel, a galvanized steel that has undergone a chemical process to prevent rust, the tank is built to last for many years.

The cost

The prices start from £260 for the smallest Stock Tank which is 3ft, and the largest Stock Tank which is 6ft costs £430. It's worth noting that there are also many accessories which you can add such as a cover and also a hot tub stirrer but if you do plan to use it daily it's a very good investment.

Using an ice bath has many benefits for the body, including reduced pain and inflammation, increased metabolism, enhanced immune response, improved mindfulness, increased mental toughness, reduced stress, and less muscle soreness.

By using a stock tank as an ice bath, you get all these benefits while being more cost effective than purchasing a dedicated ice bath.

The Final Score

Overall I am very pleased with the Stock Tank as it fits my needs in terms of performance recovery and the communication from start to finish was superb. I would absolutely recommend TubTanks to anybody who is looking to purchase an ice bath, as well as even a hot tub as you'll be surprised at the amount of room available in one of these.

You can check out the TubTanks website here to browse all the products, and make sure to tag us in any pictures/videos of you using the tanks to be featured here!

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