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Barlwyd Glamping

Five specially equipped and luxuriously appointed Shepherds Huts have been placed in a location far up on the Moorland near the Barlwyd Lake.


Never before open to the public it is a spectacular location. Each hut has it’s own spot and has amazing views across the mountainous landscape with access to hikes across the hills. You may be tucked away but you’re just a stone’s throw from all the adventures at Zip World and Antur Stiniog.


The Shepherds Huts form part of our resort here at Llechwedd and you get access to our award winning four start hotel with its relaxed street food dining and bar well stocked with wine and Welsh Whisky. Each hut comes with its own Golf Buggy complete with off road tyres so you can come and go even if you’re too tired from adventuring to walk.


The huts are fully off grid and have integrated water, sewage and batteries – we have Hydro Power here and generate more electricity than we use.


Each one comes complete with an en suite bathroom – the water tank means you can have a lovely hot shower but don’t linger too long or your partner won’t get a shower as well! The kitchenette comes complete with hob, fridge and outside there is a gas-powered barbecue.


The location

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