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Dalby Forest Glamping Wagon.jpeg

Dalby Forest Glamping Wagon

This is a unique and large glamping wagon on our farm next to Dalby Forest. Made from reclaimed trailer and materials and decorated inside in a very traditional and vintage manor.


Kitchen area, dining area and two double beds and its own veranda looking over the spectacular private views. There is a firepit outside and BBQs available, deck chairs and tables all included. Perfect for a family or a couple or even as a group (guests provide own bedding).


Safe place to stay, we are very remote. Our private views are amazing and will leave you perfectly relaxed. There is so much space to explore, you could walk for miles without being disturbed.


In a small area divided by a line of trees, just to the left as you look out of the wagons, you’ll find a toilet, shower, and washing area. The wagons are heated with gas heaters, resembling vintage wood burners.

Dalby Forest Glamping Wagon4.jpeg
Dalby Forest Glamping Wagon2.jpeg
Dalby Forest Glamping Wagon5.jpeg
Dalby Forest Glamping Wagon3.jpeg

The location

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