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6 BEST Hidden Gems to visit in Birmingham, England

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten hidden gems scattered around Birmingham.

Even the most discerning of visitors are sure to find something they enjoy during their stay in The City of a Thousand Trades, from a stunning foodie scene to a fantastic selection of bizarre and downright weird museums.

This article explores Birmingham's hidden gems and top-secret locations that you won't want to miss on any trip there!

It is obvious that Birmingham is a big, bright city with plenty to offer every visitor. Birmingham was once the birthplace of HP sauce and is one of the largest cities in the UK (second only to London!). Furthermore, Birmingham has a ton of hidden gems that can be found if you look hard enough...

1) Old Square Plague

Old Square was once the center of the hectic city life of Birmingham. The Plaque in the small pedestrian central square are depicts the history of the city and spans several meters, serving as a sort of junction where several major roads passing through the city converge.

The Plaque, which is entirely made of stone carving, depicts several well-known city residents as well as some of Birmingham's most illustrious structures.

2) Needless Alley

Although there aren't many attractions on this side street, the name of the tiny Needless Alley alone is enough to amuse onlookers. The tiny lane is after all just off New Street, i. e. a major thoroughfare for shopping that runs through the heart of the city and is home to all the chain stores you'd expect to see there.

When you see the retro-style sign reading "Needless Alley" along New Street, you'll know you're in the right spot. The most popular theory is that the street was formerly known as "Needlers Alley" because there were many needle makers in the neighbourhood, and that the name became muddled over time.

3) Edward Burne-Jones Glass in Birmingham Cathedral

It will please fans of Pre-Raphaelite art to learn that Birmingham Cathedral contains several examples of Victorian Burne-Jones stained glass windows.

There are several free Burne-Jones drawings and designs on display in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, all in muted tones and concentrating on the elegance of the design. The Edward Burne-Jones stained-glass windows are some of the most exquisite among the undiscovered Birmingham locations listed here.

4) Secret Garden on the Roof of Birmingham Library

Although Birmingham's enormous public library on Centenary Square, Broad Street, is impressive in and of itself, it also holds a little-known gem. Take the elevator to the seventh floor, then proceed along the hallway to the door. You'll end up in a roof garden.

Even though the garden is open to the public for strolls and picnics, it also occasionally hosts events. The cityscapes are stunning. The layout includes seating areas, curved paths, and planting beds for verbenas, hellebores, and lavender. Bees also enjoy it!

5) Birmingham’s Hidden Catacombs

One of Birmingham's most unique cemeteries in Warstone Lane is located in the Jewellery Quarter. The cemetery is divided into a double-tiered semicircle of catacombs that resembles a section of an amphitheater.

The entrances to these tunnels were once open to the public, but they are now locked. The odd architecture is explained by the fact that they were constructed on a sand quarry site. The various levels can still be traversed on foot. But proceed with caution. Falling in is not something you would want to do.

6) Beautiful Shopping Arcades

The elegant shopping arcades are one of the city's delights. These have hidden beauty. The Great Western Arcade, which bears the name of the railway, is the largest of these. It runs between Temple Row and Colmore Row. Along with interesting foods, it has numerous boutiques and beauty parlors.

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known places which are scattered in and around Birmingham. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your adventure around Birmingham even more memorable!

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