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We only spent a couple of hours at this hidden gem, but in those short amount of hours, we discovered a huge amount! We discovered Cheddar Gorge whilst we were travelling to Cornwall. BUT, we were not expecting the scenes which we saw at Cheddar Gorge!

If you’re on your way to a weekend in Cornwall, then we would highly recommend checking this place out.

When you enter the Cheddar Gorge, you are immediately greeted by the lovely gorge, which you might mistake for something out of Jurassic Park! It was pretty much a last minute decision to head there because we were on the way to Cornwall.

There was so much we haven’t still discovered. We didn’t realize you can head all the way to the top of the gorge and experience some breath-taking views. As well as that, you can also head inside the caves themselves.

This article is a little short compared to our other ones, but bare in mind we were only here for 1h30 / 2h. Also, for the majority of the time we were just taking photos and admiring the views. However, we do plan to visit Cheddar Gorge in the summer and spend half the day. Perhaps even the whole day exploring and hiking around Cheddar. There are some unbelievable views you can catch when you get to the top!


How To Get There

The full location for Cheddar Gorge is;


BS27 3QF


During the school holidays or bank holidays, we recommend arriving before 11am to ensure you find a space easily. There are parking charges for vehicles using the car parks between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Sunday. Also inclusive of bank holidays.

Our Experience

Let’s get one thing straight; this stop-off was not planned at all! Whilst we were travelling to Cornwall, we wanted to find a place to stop off and explore. That’s when Cheddar Gorge popped up on our friend's phone. After seeing the Google Images, that’s all the persuasion we needed!

We got the postcode, took a slight detour, and were on our way to the gorge. Little did we know what was expecting us as we drove round the corner before approaching Cheddar Gorge.

As the title of this article says, it was like something out of the movies! We were greeted by 100000ft (maybe exaggerating) rocks which towered over our Audi. It seemed like the road would never end, it was like driving through Jurassic Park.

We then decided to go out and explore. So we dumped the car off at a random car park we found along the way, and set off. Baring in mind we didn’t follow any routes, we were simply admiring the place, we discovered quite a bit. We had one of those “sod-it” moments, and began to hike up-hill (with no man-made routes) to see what was happening.

Shoutout to the goat that was standing right at the very edge of the cliff. After expressing our concerns to one of the guys who worked there, apparently its totally normal for goats to be standing on cliff edges! Being a guy who loves animal, that goat was on my mind from the moment we left to go to the campsite. I wonder if he’s still there?

Overall, from what we covered at The Gorge, I would love to go back and visit. I’ve seen a few Instagram posts of the views of right at the top. That is definitely something I want to go up and see! Maybe if this sunshine continues to shine I may take a drive up there.


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