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Golitha Falls | Waterfall in Cornwall, England

Updated: Jan 2

The Golitha Falls are a gorgeous place to walk and admire these amazing waterfalls. There is a long path which visitors can walk around which meanders around the woodland, streams and rocks. You can also find some cool old mine workings and shafts nearby.

Image of Golitha Falls in England.
Photo taken by @chris_hikes_etc via Instagram.

Golitha Falls is a great destination for all the nature hiker lovers, and it's clear to see why judging by the photos! We'd recommend sticking to the main paths, but if you're feeling adventurous we recommend going closer to the falls which requires some scrambling.

The falls are spectacular in places and pretty in others. All of it very photogenic. The surrounding woodlands make for a really enjoyable experience. – Google Review

It's worth noting that you shouldn't visit Golitha Falls and expect a massive 40ft waterfall! It's better described as rapids than a waterfall; none-the-less its perfect for a scenic quiet walk whilst admiring nature!

Things to know before visiting Golitha Falls

  • Golitha Falls is dog-friendly however dogs are recommended to be kept on the lead.

  • Unfortunately Golitha Falls is not wheelchair-friendly.

  • There is free parking available.

  • It's around a 15-20 minute walk from the car park to Golitha Falls.

  • You can paddle your feet in the falls however it isn't deep enough to swim in.

Image of Golitha Falls in England.
Photo taken by @jelly_55_ via Instagram.

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