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Hardraw Force | Hidden Waterfall in England

Updated: Jan 2

Hardraw Force Falls is England's highest single fall waterfall, and should definitely be up there on your waterfall bucket list. If you're ever in the Yorkshire Dales then this gem should be on your list. The only downside is there is an entrance fee in order to see the waterfall, and last time we heard it was around £4 per person.

Image of Hardraw Force Waterfall
Photo taken by @x.justwandering.x via Instagram.

Fans of Robin Hood will recognise this location, as it was used to film the bathing scene where he was shot! After rainfall Hardraw Force Waterfall is absolutely breath-taking, we can't imagine what it'll look like after a downfall!

For the visitors feeling adventurous, why not take the upper walk and go around the top of the waterfall for some pretty amazing views! But be warned, there are many many steps in your way!

We visited Hardraw Force at the end of April, it had been dry weather so the water was not as much or as fast as the first time I visited, but it is still spectacular to see. This time we also did the walk around the top too. Love just listening to the sound of the water falling. – Google Review

So if you're ever visiting the Yorkshire Dales, in particular Hawes, then a visit to Hardraw Force Waterfall should absolutely be on your list. It's England's highest single fall waterfall coming in at 30 metres drop so grab your hiking boots and we'll see you there!

Things to know before visiting Hardraw Force Waterfall

  • Hardraw Force Waterfall is dog-friendly and dogs can be let off the lead.

  • Depending on where you park, the nearest car park is around a 10 minute walk from the waterfall.

  • It is £4 entrance fee per adult, and entry shuts at 5pm.

Image of Hardraw Force Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @stephz_snapz via Instagram.

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