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Manon Les Suites; The best hidden gem in Copenhagen

Welcome to Manon Les Suites; a breath-taking haven surrounded by unique features located right in the city of Copenhagen. It's like stepping into a different world of tropical paradise.

Image of Manon Les Suites

Our First Impressions

Manon Les Suites is a magnificent combination of tropical, safari, beach and urban all from different parts of our world; such as Africa, Bali, New York and Ibiza. This beautiful combination is what makes Manon Les Suites really stand out.

The exposed luxurious plants, steels, and elegant lamps make you feel like you're on a whole different planet. And if you walk through the atrium where the main event is (aka the pool!), you will see how awesome it really is. It's truly a scene you will most definately not want to miss.

As well as the pool, Manon Les Suites also has their own organic restuarant and bar, which comes with a cool rooftop terrace. At the top, you can also see how cool and different the pool looks at night time.

About Manon Les Suites

This exclusive hotel is part of the Guldsmeden chain, in which all hotels are organic certified and sustainable in the highest order. They have a few hotels scattered across the world; such as Iceland and Bali plus many more spots. Comparing each one, it's clear to see a common feature amongst the hotels which is the boutique and modern feel of the spaces.

The hotel is of course five stars, and has over 80 suites available to stay at. Each suite circles the stunning atrium yard with the exotic pool on the ground floor. What more could you ask for when walking out your front door?

With hanging lamps, plants, and palms everywhere you look, it really is like being transported to a more southern clime, right in the heart of Copenhagen!

Image of Manon Les Suites

Other features of Manon Les Suites

At the top floor where the restuarant and bar is, you will also find the sauna, steam room and a nice cold water bucket shower waiting for you. It's just what you need after eating and drinking in Copenhagen the day before!

The rooms are very generous in space, and feature cool Balinese four-poster beds with separate seating. The rooms are also equipped with a kitchenette, and the baths all come with organic cotton robes and Guldsmeden's very own organic toiletries. The cotton robes make perfect attire for a trip to the swimming pool.

We only had drinks in the evening time at the rooftop, and of course had the delicious breakfast each morning. We would say it's more of a relaxed rooftop lounge, rather than a restuarant. This is where the unlimited organic breakfast buffet is laid out in the morning too. You can also have a lovely coffee after outside admiring the gorgeous views of Copenhagen.

There is also a small bar by the side of the pool which serves refreshing drinks and a few snacks.

The Final Score

Overall, it's safe to say we absolutely loved our stay at Manon Les Suites, and was a hotel like no other for sure.

This really is a one-of-a-kind hotel, which has proved to be an instant hit with everybody thanbks to the sun-trap roof terrace and roomy apartment suites surrounded in a dramatic central pool area. What more could you ask for a hotel?

If you're looking to experience a night or two at Manon Les Suites, then you can do so by booking via this link here.

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