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Rutter Force | Hidden Waterfall in Lake District, England

Updated: Jan 2

Rutter Force is a gorgeous little hidden waterfall which is recommend to visit after a lot of rainfall. There's also a great pool at the bottom of Rutter Force for those who fancy a mild dip.

Image of Rutter Force Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @jackmarsden1997 via Instagram.

Rutter Force really is a beautiful spot which not many people know about, however in our opinion it's best for a quick visit after a heavy amount of rainfall. The waterfall can range from a ranging roaring torrent to even a tiny trickle!

Beautiful waterfall. Very peaceful, scenic spot. Not a lot of room to park, we parked on the grass verge before the road to the falls and just walked the rest of the way. – Google Review

So in conclusion, if you happen to be in the area, why not take a visit to Rutter Force. However if you're wanting to take a trip out to visit, it's best to plan it around the weather (if there's been enough rain). We recommend parking in the small park (can only fit in 4 cars at a squeeze!) and then walking over the bridge to view.

Things to know before visiting Rutter Force Waterfall

  • There is limited parking at this waterfall, so we recommend getting there early to secure your spot.

  • Rutter Force Waterfall is dog friendly.

  • If there's enough water in the plunge pool below, why not go for a quick dip?

Image of Rutter Force Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @liamgray16 via Instagram.

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