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Swallow Falls | Waterfall in Wales

Updated: Jan 2

You've all seen the famous Instagram photo when people visit Swallow Falls, and it's no wonder why! You do have to pay a small entrance fee to enter (£2 per adult and £1 per child under the age of 14) but I'd say its definitely worth it especially after a heavy day of rainfall!

Image of Swallow Falls in Wales.
Photo taken by @mifi875 via Instagram.

It's worth noting that apart from the waterfall, there isn't much else to do! Once you enter via the turnstiles, it takes around 2 minutes to walk around and view the waterfall. They do have a few benches which you can sit on and have a picnic but we wouldn't come all the way just to visit this!

Nice relaxing visit with not too many people around. I also like the fact that the venue was not crowded, so plenty of opportunities to get that perfect Instagram photo. – Google Review

Overall, Swallow Falls is a great location to visit but very restrictive in what you are permitted to see in our opinion. If you're a photographer you'll be disappointed to know that some of the prime locations are unreachable. You can still take some amazing photos from the viewpoint though!

Things to know before visiting Swallow Falls

  • There is a small entrance fee to visit Swallow Falls, which is £2 per person.

  • Parking is available right opposite the waterfall, and it's free.

  • Unfortunately due to the steep stairs, Swallow Falls is not wheelchair-friendly.

  • Dogs are allowed to visit this waterfall.

Image of Swallow Falls in Wales.
Photo taken by @als_outdoor_adventure via Instagram.

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