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Thirlmere Infinity Pool: A Guide To The Best Wild Swimming Spot in the UK

If you've been following UK Hidden Gems for a while, it's safe to say that the Thirlmere Infinity Pool has received a lot of attention during 2022. And rightly so! What's not to love about it? The water is glisteningly clear, and there are stunning views of Thirlmere from this idyllic location.

It might have more visitors than last year, but if you go at the right time, you'll have it all to yourself (ideal for that iconic Instagram posing photo!). Since the COVID lockdowns, unique hidden gems such as the Thirlmere Infinity Pool have been discovered and shared across social media, which isn't necessary a bad thing considering the grief it can sometimes bring!

So if you want to visit Thirlmere's iconic infinity pool this summer, keep reading to learn how to get to one of the best wild swimming locations in the UK!

Image of Thirlmere Infinity Pool in the Lake District

How to get to Thirlmere Infinity Pool

First things first; parking! So before Thirlmere Infinity Pool became a little bit more popular, visitors used to be able to park at Thrilmere Village Hall. However, that is unfortunately not available now due to behaviour issues.

So, the closest available parking for Thirlmere Infinity Pool is the public car park at Legburthwaite, which is only a 5 minute walk away and also has public toilets.

Once you're all parked up, follow Stanah Lane to the little gate at the end, and there will be a sign here saying Sticks Pass. Once here hike diagonally up and you should reach the corner of a wall in which the path will level off. From here follow the path for around 600-700m.

You will then come to a gate, and a few footsteps after you'll see a bridge. You will then see the waterfall which creates the breath-taking Thirlmere Infinity Pool!

Swimming at Thirlmere Infinity Pool

It's really simple to get to the pool (much easier than the Buttermere Infinity Pool thats for sure!) You can use a tier-like ledge on the left side, but it is a little slippery because it's damp, but it's still manageable.

Thirlmere Infinity Pool is absolutely gorgeous. The water is crystal clear and the views are out of this world. If you can plan it, we definitely recommend visiting during golden hour!

Please bear in mind Thirlmere Infinity Pool is quite small, so whilst it can be deep enough in some parts to swim a few strokes, it's not really the place to go for an actual swim (rather a plunge pool!).

Towards the edge it is shallow, and there are some rocks to sit on inside the water, and then depending on your height its chest height towards the cascade.

This location's only drawback is its small pool and tendency to get crowded on sunny weekends and during school breaks. Having the pool to yourself is where the magic happens (similar to the below photo!).

Image of Thirlmere Infinity Pool in the Lake District

Remember - LeaveNoTrace!

As with anywhere outdoors, kindly keep these areas pristine and wild by taking all trash with you. The amount of complaints we have seen since COVID-19 is crazy. It's really not that hard to take your rubbish with you!

There is a greater chance of litter because the infinity pool is becoming more and more popular and receives more and more visitors. Litter tends to spread, so if you see any and are able to pick it up and dispose of it outside the park, it will help keep the area tidy.

Our final thoughts on Thirlmere Infinity Pool

It's safe to say this is one of the best infinity pools in the Lake District. You may even stretch it to one of the best in the UK! However, with its increased social media awareness, unfortunately its no doubt that this gem will be filled with crowds in no time.

If you do end up going, please leave no trace and respect the area, as well as the locals! Let us know in the comments below if you've ever been to the Thirlmere Infinity Pool and what your thoughts are of it!

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