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Three Shires Head | Hidden Gem in England

Updated: Mar 6

The Three Shires Head is a brilliant spot with lovely waterfalls and pools to swim in! Although it is freezing 90% of the time, it is definitely worth it. The pools are deep enough to have a swim however we do not recommend diving in.

Image of Three Shires Head in England.
Photo taken by @outdoorswimmer via Instagram.

Described as an awesome hidden gem, Three Shires Head has risen to fame since the pandemic but you'll still find it relatively quiet! It's only 35-40 minutes walk from the main walk, in which you'll be greeted with stunning views as well as wildlife.

Brilliant spot with lovely waterfalls and pools to swim in. Nice surroundings to relax and have a picnic. Short walk (1mile) from the layby on the main road so easily accessible, slight climb on the way back. – Google Review

The pools at Three Shires Head are deep enough for a little swim however we strongly advise diving in. It's a great day out when the sun is shining however after a day of heavy rain it looks absolutely amazing!

FAQs/Things to know before visiting Three Shires Head

1) Where is Three Shires Head located?

Three Shires Head is located at the meeting point of three counties: Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire, in the Peak District National Park, England.

2) What makes Three Shires Head a hidden gem?

Three Shires Head is considered a hidden gem due to its remote location, stunning natural beauty, and the unique geological feature of three counties converging at one spot. The area offers visitors picturesque scenery, cascading waterfalls, and peaceful surroundings away from more heavily trafficked tourist destinations.

3) How do I get to Three Shires Head?

Visitors can access Three Shires Head by foot from various nearby villages, including Flash in Staffordshire and Wildboarclough in Cheshire. There are footpaths and trails leading to the site, offering scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

4) Is there an entrance fee to visit Three Shires Head?

There is no entrance fee to visit Three Shires Head, as it is located in a public-access area within the Peak District National Park.

5) What can I expect to see at Three Shires Head?

At Three Shires Head, visitors can admire the beauty of the cascading waterfalls, the convergence of three streams, and the picturesque landscape of the Peak District. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, rocky outcrops, and the sounds of nature, providing opportunities for relaxation, photography, and wildlife observation.

6) Are guided tours available for Three Shires Head?

While there may not be formal guided tours, visitors can explore the area around Three Shires Head on their own, following the footpaths and enjoying the natural beauty of the Peak District National Park.

7) Is Three Shires Head suitable for families and children?

Three Shires Head can be suitable for families and children, but caution is advised, especially near the waterfalls where the terrain may be uneven and slippery. Parents should supervise children closely during the visit.

8) Are dogs allowed at Three Shires Head?

Dogs are allowed at Three Shires Head and in the surrounding Peak District National Park, but owners must keep them on a lead and clean up after them to preserve the cleanliness and safety of the area.

9) Are there facilities or amenities near Three Shires Head?

There are limited facilities near Three Shires Head, with the nearest amenities found in the nearby villages. Visitors are advised to come prepared with any necessary supplies for their visit.

10) What is the best time to visit Three Shires Head?

Three Shires Head can be visited all year-round, but it is particularly beautiful during the spring and summer months when the surrounding countryside is in bloom and the waterfalls are flowing. However, visitors may also enjoy the tranquility of Three Shires Head during the quieter autumn and winter months.

Image of Three Shires Head in England.
Photo taken by @resurgent_locations via Instagram.

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