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UK staycations with a hot tub under £100 per night

Updated: Apr 3

We all love a hot tub right? Hot tubs have rose to fame since the start of COVID-19 lockdowns, and its no surprise why.

With the cost of living crisis in full swing, it's even harder to find a cheap affordable place to stay with its own hot tub, considering how much it costs to run a hot tub etc. We have picked 5 staycations in the UK with its own hot tub which are under £100 per night; meaning you can still enjoy those hot tub vibes even during the current financial crisis.

It's worth nothing that in peak season, some of these staycations may be over £100, and are a 2 night stay minimum. This is because it isn't worth the owner's time and money to host a stay for 1 night for that price (due to turn-over costs etc).

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. While clicking these links won't cost you anything, they will help us to keep this site up and running!

Located in East Sussex (specifically Sidley), this cute country park is home to various different lodges perfect for those looking to keep costs down. It has everything you need in a lodge (even a kitchen!) and even has its own terrace.

Average price per night: £83

According to, Riverside 6 Shepherd Hut is usually unavailable to book! It's no wonder with the price being so cheap and what's on offer. It's only 20 miles away from Dolforwyn Castle, and is located in Garthbeibio.

Average price per night: £93

Located only 6 miles away from the amazing Shrewsbury Cathedral and offering guests with amazing pool views, Ruth's Repose is definitely value for money. With its own balcony and hot tub, and even many hiking routes surrounding the property, it's every hikers dream! Couples are also a fan of this property, giving it a rating of 9.8.

Average price per night: £103

Located in Llandegla, this cute hidden gem of a lodge comes with its own hot tub as well as a patio with a garden. If the weather is nice, guests can also enjoy a barbeque whilst staying at the property. There are also nearby cycling and hiking routes surrounding Faraway Follies for those adventures seekers. This property is a favourite for couples, giving it a rating of 9.6.

Average price per night: £135

Located only 7 miles away from Lacock Abbey, this cute chalet is perfect for wanting to save some money whilst enjoying quality hot-tub time! It's located in Chippenham and has many hiking and cycling routes which guests can go and enjoy. Couples are a fan of this chalet, and we're not surprised, giving it a rating of 9.7!

Average price per night: £145

Thank you for taking the time to read our article, we hope you have found some inspiration to book your next trip away (without having to worry about the cost!). We have more cheap and affordable staycations in other places in the UK which we can't wait to share with you, so stay tuned and updated on the page!


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