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Valley of Desolation Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Yorkshire, England

Updated: Jan 2

The Valley of Desolation is an amazing waterfall which isn't too far from Bolton Abbey. The pathways to the waterfall may be a little dangerous for some, so take some proper shoes if you plan to explore this waterfall!

Image of Valley of Desolation Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @ladylauragrey via Instagram.

Visiting the Valley of Desolation is an amazing experience and a must-visit if you're every around the area! It is definitely worth every single step you take on a very uneven surface towards the waterfall.

Some parts can be a little steep but overall easy enough for all the family including little ones. I enjoyed sitting on the rocks in the stream with a little picnic watching the falls. – Google Review

In terms of parking there are around 3 scattered around the Valley of Desolation, but the closest one is Cavendish Pavilion car park (there are limited signs). From there you can follow the gravel path until you hear the stream and the waterfall!

It's worth noting there are some dangerous paths and poor signage to indicate you have reached the best view of the waterfall (once you've crossed the 'V' shaped footbridge, you're there!).

Things to know before visiting Valley of Desolation Waterfall

  • Unfortunately visitors have to pay for parking however to visit the waterfall is free.

  • Valley of Desolation Waterfall is dog friendly but please keep the dogs on the leads.

Image of Valley of Desolation Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @crocodayal_adventures via Instagram.

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