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Blackden Brook Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Peak District, England

Updated: Jan 2

This little gem of a waterfall is located on the north side of Kinder Downfall, and can be very tricky to get too.

Image of Blackden Brook Waterfall Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @from_path_to_peak via Instagram.

There is a rough path to follow, but you have to pick your own route when going uphill, so please do wear appropriate footwear and be careful! However, once completed you'll be rewarded with this stunning waterfall.

Once you've parked up on the Snakes Pass and are following the signs to Blackden Brook, you'll notice the path gets very narrow. Although it's not the easiest route along the brook, it does provide you with some great scenery (including this gem of a waterfall!

Things to know before visiting Blackden Brook Waterfall

  • Due to a lot of scrambling being required, we don't recommend you bring your dogs to this waterfall.

Image of Blackden Brook Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @james_kinderscout2000 via Instagram.

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