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Carbost Burn Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

So the Carbost Burn Waterfall isn't the easiest to get to, but it's worth the short scramble to be able to actually sit in the water which is actually quite cool! It's hidden by the municipalities and tourist sites of the Isle of Skye.

Image of Carbost Burn Waterfall in Scotland.
Image taken by Duncan Farrant.

The Carbost Burn Waterfall is a magical waterfall hidden from the more touristy areas of the Isle of Skye. So whilst every man and his dog will be visiting attractions such as Old Man of Storr, why not head over to this secluded hidden gem?

Great walk but just before the Carbost Burn Waterfall there are 2 spots that could be a bit sketchy. Apart from this is one of my favourite hidden gems in Scotland! – Google Review

For those that are into wild swimming and are brave enough to plunge into the cold water, there is a pleasant pool waiting for you at the base of Carbost Burn Waterfall.

Things to know before visiting Carbost Burn Waterfall

  • There is free parking available for those visiting Carbost Burn Waterfall

  • It is free to enter and view.

Image of Carbost Burn Waterfall in Scotland

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