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Top 10 Hidden Beaches in Scotland to escape the crowds

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track beaches scattered across Scotland.

We all tend to picture craggy mountains and sprawling forests when considering Scotland's exquisite natural beauty, and these features are well-known.

However, we frequently overlook the breath-taking sandy beaches that line the coastline. These beaches are on par with those in the Maldives, and what they lack in warmth they make up for in peace and natural beauty.

Here are 10 of the best white sand beaches in Scotland, a country with breath-taking scenery that goes far beyond its mountains, lakes, and rivers.

1) Camusdarach Beach

The beach, which has three light-coloured sand beaches that run end to end, is frequently referred to as one of the most beautiful in the country, if not the entire world. It's also possible to camp at this beach, and in the same location also makes sea kayaking and launching small boats simple.

2) Traigh Seilebost

On the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, there is a gorgeous hidden gem of a beach called Traigh Seilebost. This lovely beach has a machair in the background and offers many wonderful walking opportunities. Visitors can enjoy taking in the views of Taransay and Luskentyre, and also keep an eye out for sand dunes to the east!

3) Lunan Bay

Along with Sandwood Bay, Achmelvich Beach, and Balnakeil Bay, Lunan Bay has to be included on any list of Scotland's top beaches! A broad, east-facing beach with lovely sand, dunes on either side, and low cliffs to the north and south is what visitors can look forward to when visiting Lunan Bay.

4) St. Ninian's Isle

On a nice day, St. Ninian's Isle is among the most picturesque places on earth. A perfect 500-meter symmetrical stretch of glorious golden shell sand connects the island to the Shetland mainland.

5) Elie Beach

Elie Beach is the heart of a long, curved sandbar that stretches from Earlsferry around to Elie Harbour. The rich golden sand here is perfect for dinghy sailing, pleasure boating, windsurfing, and other water sports and is surrounded by dunes and beach huts.

6) Arisaig Beach

Arisaig Beach is a fantastically remote beach. A secluded bay, really gentle slope, and crystal clear water make it ideal for children. Numerous animals including crabs, hermit crabs, sole, squid, shrimp, and grouper can be found at this beach too.

7) Baleshare Beach

Baleshare Beach is an unusually calm and flat island with very few visitors. This undiscovered hidden gem location is just south of the North Uist circuit and is accessible by a minor road and causeway. One of the best beaches in the Outer Hebrides is nearby, and the island's highest point, the sand dune off the southern tip, also offers stunning views.

8) Dornoch Beach

At Dornoch Beach, visitors can take in the lovely stretch of golden sand. The beach wraps around the point to the south and continues all the way up to the northern village of Embo. Visitors can enjoy golden sands and dunes as well as some peace and quiet when at Dornoch Beach.

9) Sandwood Bay

One of the best walks in Scotland can take you to Sandwood Bay, a secluded sandy bay in the northwest Scottish Highlands, north of Kinlochbervie. Due to its remote location, Sandwood's magnificent beach may be the best and most pristine beach in all of Britain.

This gorgeous beach is absolutely stunning, with its white sandy setting and turquoise sea colour, it's no wonder it's regarded as one of the best beaches in Scotland.

If you're a lover of golden sandy beaches with crystal clear water, then you should definitely be heading to Achmelvich Bay. If you're lucky, you might even see a seal! It can get a bit busy during the summer, but it'll be a lot quieter than the majority of Scottish beaches.

On a clear day, Achmelvich Bay is often described as a beach that looks like it's from the Mediterranean Sea. Even though the water is clear and coloured light blue, please take caution as there may be some jellyfish lurking around.

There you have it! These are 10 of our favourite hidden beaches located in Scotland, perfect for your next adventure! Whether you plan to do the NC500 or another road trip, we definitely recommend stopping and taking the world in at one of these beauties!

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