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Child Friendly Hidden Gems to visit around Scotland

Updated: Jan 2

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track child friendly locations scattered around Scotland.

Whether you're looking to hike along picturesque hills, or discover hidden gems perfect for picnics, this guide will lead you to some of the Scotland's best-kept secrets, ensuring a memorable and family-friendly experience for all!

Here are some of our favourite hidden gems in Scotland which are child friendly, however we do recommend doing your own research, as each child is different.

So grab your walking boots, pack your picnic (or a change of nappies!), and get ready to explore the hidden gems that await you and your little ones in the captivating Scotland!

Image of Clashnessie Falls in Scotland

1) Loch Glass

This place really is a hidden paradise! It’s not easy to arrive but definitely worthy, as after a 30 minutes walk in the woods with deers following you, you arrive to this beautiful loch and the pink house on the way is just breathtaking!

Image of Loch Glass in Scotland

2) Dunrobin Castle

This is a Scottish Castle that is not to be missed. The gardens are exquisite, the exterior facing is fairytale-like and the interior is fascinating. This castle is actually still lived in by an earl, but you can still explore a large chunk of the interior of a few of the wings; including studies, bedrooms, nurseries, seamstress rooms etc.

If you can time it right, make sure you stick around for the falconry demonstration! They put on a great show of the differences between how a hawk and falcon hunt.

Image of Dunrobin Castle in Scotland

3) Gruinard Beach

Gruinard Beach is a beautiful little sandy beach, hidden between the Scottish cliffs. It's definitely one to visit, especially the cool different colours on display which the kids will LOVE!

Make sure you will check the tide time table before you go, as during high tide there's not much beach left! Why not take your binoculars too and watch out for seals and the different birds?!

Image of Gruinard Bay in Scotland

4) Achmelvich Bay

NC500 adventurers can visit this beautiful part of Scotland whilst doing their road trip! The clear blue sea and golden sands are so stunning; it's like looking at a painting of a tropical island.

The view really is amazing as you can tell by the below image; it really is picture perfect. This beach is just simply breathtaking, and is definitely right up there along with the wonders of the world!

Image of Achmelvich Bay  in Scotland

5) Clashnessie Falls

Clashnessie Falls is a lovely waterfall in which you can actually walk up to and touch! The kids won't believe the size of it, especially after heavy rainfall!

However, it's worth noting that the walk is quite marshy and intense if there's been a lot of rain, so you'll definitely need good wellies or waterproof walking boots when visiting.

Image of Clashnessie Falls in Scotland

6) Smoo Cave

For those driving the NC500 from Thurso to Durness; you'll drive right past Smoo Cave so you definitely have to stop off. It is a free attraction, including free car parking, and an easy "must do" as you pass. We recommend allowing up to an hour to see everything!

They also give a tour inside the cave which can be reached only through a boat ride where you can see the below waterfall up close!

Image of Smoo Cave in Scotland

7) Sango Bay Viewpoint

Sango Bay truly is a magical place - especially when the sky conjures up evening lights. What a beautiful area of ​​Durness and its surroundings with so many beaches and rocks and meadows in between - just to relax and forget all your worries!

The viewpoint is like a viewing platform into another fairytale world. The best thing about the viewpoint is it's only a short boardwalk with a few steps; allowing even less sure-footed people to enjoy the view.

Image of Sango Bay Viewpoint in Scotland

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known child friendly hidden gems which are scattered around Scotland. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your Scotland trip even more memorable!

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