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Culver Hole | Hidden Gem in Wales

Updated: Jan 2

Culver Hole is a great place to explore with lots of legends and tales surrounding this place! It's not the easiest to access however once down there you'll be in hidden gem heaven.

Image of Culver Hole in Wales.

You'll need to visit Culver Hole during low tide if you want to experience the true beauty of it! In order to access, you'll either need to climb down the rocks from the footpath or make your way across the flat rocky bay.

An excellent place to visit. Very picturesque with a castle built into the wall. Gorgeous! – Google Review

It can be quite hard to find the path to Culver Hole, so here's some tips! If you look at the monument with the sea behind it, turn right and walk along the coast for about 80ft. Once there you'll see a faint path which is leading down to Culver Hole. Try and get there during low tide as you'll be able to go inside then!

Things to know before visiting Culver Hole

  • Due to how difficult it is to get down to Culver Hole, we'd say this hidden gem is not dog-friendly.

  • There is parking available at the large car park which is located next to Port Eynon Beach.

Image of Culver Hole in Wales.
Photo taken by @walkingwithlauren via Instagram.

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