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Falls Of Falloch | Hidden Waterfall in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

You'll come across this cute little waterfall only a 5 minute walk from the car park. You may have seen The Falls of Falloch famously on a few Instagram posts with its unique viewpoint, which gets compared to Jurassic Park! This should be on the very top of your Scottish bucket list.

Image of Falls of Falloch in Scotland.
Photo taken by @andrew.magee3 via Instagram.

The Falls of Falloch are one of our favourites in all of Scotland, and it's clear to see why! The waterfall is simply amazing, and the noise of the splash is very calming. We absolutely love the viewpoint which as you're walking through makes you feel like you're auditioning for the next Jurassic Park!

Amazing! The Falls of Falloch was so big when we went, I got soaked standing right by it! There’s a cute little tunnel that takes you to a view point over the waterfall, definitely worth going!! – Google Review

As The Falls of Falloch can be quite fierce especially after heavy rain, we recommend standing away from the edge at the main waterfall due to there being lack of protection. So, if you do decide to bring little ones, hold onto their hands!

Things to know before visiting Falls of Falloch

  • Unfortunately the Falls of Falloch are not child-friendly as it isn't very accessible.

  • There is limited parking at this location so it's best to arrive early.

  • Fancy a swim? Visitors are able to have a quick dip in the pools at Falls of Falloch.

Image of Falls of Falloch in Scotland.
Photo taken by @boramus via Instagram.

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