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Steall Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

After a 30 minute walk you'll be rewarded with the views of Steall Waterfall. The walk is relatively easy and once you get down to the falls the scene is absolutely beautiful. The route heads through the dramatic and gorgeous Nevis Gorge and leads to this awesome waterfall.

Image of Steall Waterfall in Scotland.
Photo taken by @wales_onthe_map via Instagram.

Once you overcome the 40-60 minute walk from the car park to Steall Waterfall, the long journey will be forgotten when you presented with these stunning views!

There are two ways in which you can get to the waterfall; one is by crossing the river via a wire bridge which is a favourite! Or the second option would be to simply walk through the clean and clear water which is also pleasant.

The view is beyond amazing and it was such a surreal experience. The journey was quite interesting as we walked and hiked to the falls but the scenery was breath-taking. – Google Review

Unlike many other waterfalls in Scotland, unfortunately there are no plunge pools waiting for you to swim in at the bottom. Also, make sure not to stay there too late as the midges come out to play (around 4pm!).

Things to know before visiting Steall Waterfall

  • Steall Waterfall is dog-friendly.

  • The walk to the waterfall is around 45-60 minutes, depending on the walk speed and we do recommend good footwear.

  • We don't recommend taking infants/small children to Steall Waterfall.

Image of Steall Waterfall in Scotland.
Photo taken by @thom4s_thorn3 via Instagram.

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