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Hampstead Bathing Pond | Hidden Gem in London

Updated: Jan 3

One of London's best places for outdoor swimming is Hampstead Bathing Pond, a natural bathing pond. The Hampstead Heath Mixed Pond is a former reservoir that resembles and feels like a natural pool due to its surrounding trees, rush-lined ends, and presence of fish and waterfowl.

Image of Hampstead Bathing Pond in London

It offers a lifeguarded outdoor mixed bathing area from early April to late October that is appropriate for competent swimmers to enjoy outdoor swimming in fresh water that is quality tested weekly during the season by the Environment Agency.

You enter deep water right from the deck; there is no shallow area for you to stand in. The mixed pond is situated close to the Royal Free Hospital on the Hampstead Heath side facing East Heath Road.

Love this pond, piece of natural water in the park. Very basic facilities but very friendly and professional staff, lifeguards. It was an experience to swimming in the pond, the water temperature was 21°c, just soo pleasant not too cold. – Google Review

The Hampstead Overground station is less than 10 minutes' walk from the pond, and there is a sizable parking lot nearby. If arriving by train, it is also a 5-minute walk from the station. Near the ponds' entrance, bicycles can also be parked.

There is a large car park about 5 minutes walk from the pond and, if coming by train, then Hampstead Overground station is less than 10 minutes walk. Cycles can be parked near the entrance to the ponds too.

Things to know before visiting Hampstead Bathing Pond

  • According to staff, the length of this pond is 50+ metres.

  • It costs around £4 to enter and make use of the pond.

  • Dogs are allowed however are not allowed to swim in the pond.

Image of Hampstead Bathing Pond in London
Photo taken by @bellaa_edwards via Instagram.

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