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High Force | Hidden Waterfall in England

Updated: Mar 6

High Force Waterfall is a spectacular place to check out and is well worth a visit. You can visit during a drought and it'll still be pretty impressive. It's worth noting that there is a charge for parking and another small charge for the short walk to the waterfall itself. However, save yourself some money and do the longer walk which is free (and a better viewpoint from the top too!).

Image of High Force Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @marcellasaurus via Instagram.

Described by some as one of the best waterfalls they have ever seen in the UK, High Force Waterfall should be at the very top of your UK Waterfall Bucket List. The sound of the falls crashing is something else too.

High Force Waterfall can be accessed from a wide variety of paths, depending on how long you want to walk for. One of our favourite places to view the waterfall is from the Pennine Way path which can be accessed from further down the High Force.

Amazing natural beauty attraction which is well worth a visit, and make sure you take lots of pictures. The waterfall itself shows just how powerful the force of the water is when you see waterfalls on TV you don't appreciate them! - Google Review

For those wanting to explore some more waterfalls, the Low Force Waterfall is only 30 minutes away. Why not check out our Low Force Waterfall guide and see for yourself!

FAQs/Things to know before visiting High Force Waterfall

1) Where is High Force Waterfall located?

High Force Waterfall is located in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, near the village of Middleton-in-Teesdale, County Durham, England.

2) What makes High Force Waterfall a hidden gem?

High Force Waterfall is considered a hidden gem due to its remote location, natural beauty, and the impressive cascade of water as it plunges over a limestone cliff amidst the rugged moorland surroundings. The waterfall offers visitors a breathtaking and memorable experience away from the more crowded tourist spots.

3) How do I get to High Force Waterfall?

Visitors can access High Force Waterfall by foot from the Bowlees Visitor Centre, which is located near the village of Middleton-in-Teesdale. There is a well-marked footpath leading from the visitor centre to High Force, offering scenic views of the surrounding countryside. The waterfall can be reached by following this footpath downstream along the River Tees.

4) Is there an entrance fee to visit High Force Waterfall?

There is typically an entrance fee to access the Bowlees Visitor Centre, which provides access to the footpath leading to High Force Waterfall. The fee helps maintain the visitor facilities and surrounding areas.

5) What can I expect to see at High Force Waterfall?

At High Force Waterfall, visitors can marvel at the beauty of the cascading water as it plunges over the limestone cliff, creating a spectacular display of nature's power. The area is also surrounded by lush greenery and limestone formations, providing opportunities for stunning photography.

6) Are guided tours available for High Force Waterfall?

Yes, guided tours of High Force Waterfall and the surrounding area are available for those who prefer to explore with the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. These tours often provide insights into the local geology, flora, and fauna.

7) Is High Force Waterfall suitable for families and children?

High Force Waterfall can be suitable for families and children, but caution is advised, especially near the waterfall where the terrain may be steep and slippery. Parents should supervise children closely during the visit.

8) Are dogs allowed at High Force Waterfall?

Dogs are allowed on the footpath leading to High Force Waterfall, but they must be kept on a lead at all times to ensure the safety of both the animals and other visitors.

9) Are there facilities or amenities near High Force Waterfall?

The Bowlees Visitor Centre offers amenities such as parking, restrooms, a cafe, and information about the local area. It is advisable to come prepared with any necessary supplies for your visit.

10) What is the best time to visit High Force Waterfall?

High Force Waterfall can be visited all year-round, but it is particularly impressive after heavy rainfall when the water flow is at its strongest. Spring and summer months offer lush greenery and pleasant weather for exploring the area. However, the waterfall can also be beautiful during autumn when surrounded by colorful foliage.

Image of High Force Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @igoekev via Instagram.

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