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Ladybower Reservoir | Hidden Gem in England

Updated: Jan 2

Ladybower Reservoir is a reservoir bordered by scenic countryside & trails for easy to challenging nature walks & hikes. However the highlight is the massive water hole which attracts its visitors.

Image of Ladybower Reservoir in England
Photo taken by @tubisuk via Instagram.

It's safe to say it's best to visit this location after weeks and months of constant rainfall, however there are still many more cool sites to see during draught season such as the hidden village! Normally the remains of the Derwent Village are under the water level.

Great location for a walk. Picturesque. Beautiful place to take your other half or family. Would definitely recommend. Even driving through is really nice. – Google Review

Overall, visitors will enjoy a beautiful walk surrounded by gorgeous views all round when they visit Ladybower Reservoir. It has some unique sites and lots of opportunities for stunning photos. If you ever want a break from the world, this is the place to be!

Things to know before visiting Ladybower Reservoir

  • Do NOT attempt to go inside the hole at Ladybower Reservoir, it won't end well!

  • Ladybower Reservoir is dog friendly.

  • The man car park is free all day however if that's full there are other options which require payment.

Image of Ladybower Reservoir in England
Photo taken by @moley.75 via Instagram.

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