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Lumb Hole Falls | Hidden Waterfall in England

Updated: Jan 3

The Lumb Hole Falls is a stunning example of true Yorkshire beauty. It's very easy to get to with a pleasant walk, and at the end is this stunning waterfall which cascades into the plunge pool below. Perfect for a dip!

Image of Lumb Hole Falls in England.
Photo taken by @mr_ski via Instagram.

Lumb Hole Falls is beautiful even when there are strong winds and horizontal rain! It's mostly known for its gorgeous deep pool which drags in visitors in the summer, even though there are a few signs indicating no swimming is allowed. It is privately owned so please respect the gem if you plan to visit so that it doesn't get closed permanently!

Nice little place for a dip, not much parking though, very restricted on a narrow road. Also will need to scramble down a bit to actually get into the falls if you fancy a swim. Nice little walk and views around the arms though – Google Review

It can be quite difficult to get to the actual pool but it is absolutely worth it! The waterfall is very picturesque so if you're a photograph we recommend scrambling down to get the perfect snap!

Things to know before visiting Lumb Hole Falls

  • The best place to park for Lumb Hole Falls is at the end of Haworth Old Road.

  • You are able to jump in and wild swim at this location (it may be quite cold though!).

  • Lumb Hole Falls is dog friendly however all dogs must be kept on the lead.

Image of Lumb Hole Falls in England.
Photo taken by @hb_photography0106 via Instagram.

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