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Luskentyre Beach, one of Scotland's best undiscovered locations

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

If you're a lover of turquoise coloured water and long golden sand when you're at the beach, then Luskentyre Beach is your perfect destination!

With summer slowly creeping up on us, now is the perfect time to start planning your summer adventures and where to go to escape the crowds. There are many beaches along the Isle of Harris, however Luskentyre Beach has got to be up their as one of the best.

Check out the below video of Luskentyre Beach by @aleena.thayyil and see for yourself!

With Luskentyre Beach being one of the most breath-taking beaches in Scotland, it is still a hidden beauty and on some days you'll find it deserted. Visitors of Luskentyre Beach can very easily spend the day wandering along the sea lines without seeing a single soul.

For those wanting to visit this hidden gem and to really get the best view out of it, we recommend driving along the A859 and head west towards the south side of Luskentyre Beach.

One of the best views which visitors can see is near the Seilibost School in which you can look towards north along the dunes which extend out into the bay from the south.

The highlight of Luskentyre Beach has to be its variety of amazing views which are available to be admired. Visitors can take their pick off the green grass surrounding the grey rocks, or maybe even the gorgeous blue and turquoise sea, crashing against the white sand.

Remember - LeaveNoTrace!

As with anywhere outdoors, kindly keep these areas pristine and wild by taking all trash with you. The amount of complaints we have seen since COVID-19 is crazy. It's really not that hard to take your rubbish with you!

As with any location, the more popular it becomes and the more visitors it receives, the greater chance of litter becoming more and more visible. Litter tends to spread, so if you see any and are able to pick it up and dispose of it outside the park, it will help keep the area tidy.

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