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Neal’s Yard | Hidden Gem in London

Updated: Jan 3

One of London's most beautiful streets, Neal's Yard, is hidden away down a tiny side street in Seven Dials. Even though it's simple to miss, it would be regrettable if you did.

Image of Neal's Yard in London

Neal's Yard was previously utilized as a bin-filled waste area. Rats would most likely be present instead of people taking the ideal Instagram picture.

Fortunately, Nicholas Saunders used his business acumen to save the area before it was destroyed and turn it into the lively, vibrant corner it is today.

This little yard, in Covent Garden/Seven Dials, is a great little respite from the busy city. Make your way back here and enjoy the calm courtyard and fun businesses within it, most of which are focused on bread, food, and wine. A great little find in a fun part of London. – Tripadvisor Review.

Overall, Neal's Yard is a quirky little area near Covent Garden which is very photogenic if you're into that type of stuff. It isn't cheap however, but it is a very pleasant area.

Things to know before visiting Neal's Yard

  • It is free to visit.

  • Neal's Yard is a great spot to take Instagram photos.

  • It is wheelchair accessible

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