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The Point | Hidden Gem in London

Updated: Jan 3

The Point in Greenwich is about a ten minute walk from Greenwich DLR/mainline station and offers one of the best views of London without the eye-watering prices of the London Eye and the Shard.

Image of The Point in London

Observing how London has changed over the past few decades is what makes this view at The Point so fascinating. It is obvious that some items are missing because the etched metal sign listing the view's highlights was created in 1984.

The Canary Wharf towers are the reason the East End landmarks depicted on the sign are no longer visible, though you can still make out the Olympic stadium, the newest addition to the neighbourhood.

Really great view of the Isle of Dogs skyline from here... Didn't expect it to be that good! It's much steeper than places like Greenwich Park or Hampstead Heath, so it gives a more complete view of the horizon. – Google Review

The Point offers stunning views of the city without having to worry about the crowds or the tourists! If you're visiting from the Greenwich side, be prepared to climb a steep hill to get here.

Things to know before visiting The Point

  • It is free to enter during daylight hours.

  • We are unsure whether it is disabled friendly or not.

  • There is nearby parking on the roads close to The Point.

Image of The Point in London
Photo by @lingfeng_xue on Instagram.

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