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Netflix food legend says the UK is home to the best shawarma

According to a Netflix Travel and Food legend, the UK is home to some of the best shawarma on the planet!

In the last few years, Netflix Travel and Food legend Phil Rosenthal has successfully made a living by visiting many countries across the world and trying their food for his hit Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil.

And on his latest travels, Phil has claimed to have discovered the best shawarma he has ever tasted right here in the UK!

Best Shawarma in the UK.
Image from Somebody Feed Phil, Credit to Netflix.

You can't beat a shawarma, especially after a night out! The middle eastern dish has risen in popularity amongst us Brits, and it's no suprise why.

It's made out of thinly sliced meat served in a flatbread; with sauces and vegtables, and can be mostly be found in your local takeaway.

And according to Netflix legend Phil, Glasglow is home to the best in the world!

Best Shawarma in the UK
Image from Somebody Feed Phil, Credit to Netflix.

In it's latest series on Netflix, Phil deemed the takeway 'Shawarma King' as the current title holders of The Best Shawarma in the World!

After tasting the wraps, Phil said he couldn't think of a better one he's tasted; even in places where all they eat is Shawarma!

Phil said "I didn't expect to find next level middle-eastern food in Scotland, but in this world anything is possible. So juicy, so crispy, beautiful flavour...I'm calling it, it's the best shawarma I ever had."

"Yes, in Glasgow, Scotland. Okay, I may have said the same thing a few times before, but this one was made by royalty." Phil then went on to say he may have to return a few more times before he leaves Glasgow!

Image from @shawarma_king_glasgow

Shawarma King uploaded the following photo with the below caption.

"That look says it all. When Netflix approach you to be featured in SOMEBODY FEED PHIL, you don’t say no It’s still surreal to see our tiny wee shop on Netflix screens all around the world, and we can’t thank our customers enough for making this all possible."

We probably wouldn’t have ever been noticed if it wasn’t for you guys spreading the word. So from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you."

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