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One of the UK's best hidden beaches could disappear soon

One of the UK's bst stretches of coastline could be lost to the North Sea in as little as 16 years!

This hidden gem beach has unfortuntely faced significant erosion over the last few decades. And according to the area's SMP (Shoreline Management Plan), the cliffs are eroding at a rate of 4.5 metres a year.

That's one of the highest rates in the whole country!

Image of Covehithe Beach in Suffolk

Covehithe Beach is surrounded with tree branches and stretches towards the Southwold Victorian pier, and was named as one of the best secret beaches in the UK by The Times.

The Shoreline Management Plan intend to use the coastal erosion in order to protect other towns such as Southwold in the surrounding area.

Image of Covehithe Beach in Suffolk

The Coastal Management said the following: “The erosion of the cliffs provides a major supply of sediment to the coastal system and this is essential for maintaining defence to other parts of the coast”.

The geological evaluations estimated that up to 500 metres of cliffside were lost to the sea between the 1830s and 2001.

Now experts have warned that the shore could disappear entirely by 2040. Have you been lucky enough to appreciate this hidden gem?

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