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Padley Gorge | Hidden Waterfall in Peak District, England

Updated: Jan 2

Padley Gorge is known for being a very tranquil place to visit, and it's no surprise why! There are plenty of small and wonderful waterfalls to admire, however the trail can be quite difficult for some so we recommend appropriate footwear.

Image of Padley Gorge in England.
Photo taken by @tranceandtrails via Instagram.

Padley Gorge is an intriguing and interesting gem located in the Peak District. You'll be walking through a moss covered boulder strewn woodland surrounded by enchanted trees and a picturesque brook running through it.

You'll discover many waterfalls amongst Padley Gorge, but our favourite is the one pictured above as not many people know about it. Good luck finding it!

A very tranquil place to visit. The sound of the waterfalls was very calming and therapeutic. – Google Review

So overall, if you're a fan of dramatic scenery with a café at the end, then this is the place for you! It can be quite difficult underfoot and the hills are steep, but you can easily do the whole thing in 90 mins and it is a beautiful walk.

For all you wild swimming fans; take your swimwear for a warm peaceful dip in these rivers!

Things to know before visiting Padley Gorge

  • It takes around 60-90 minutes to walk around Padley Gorge, depending on how fast you walk!

  • Padley Gorge is dog friendly!

  • Unfortunately this location is not suitable for buggies.

  • There is parking around but it requires payment. You may be able to find free parking on the side of the roads nearby.

Image of Padley Gorge in England.
Photo taken by @__the.scarlet.witch__ via Instagram.

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