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Parys Mountain | Hidden Gem in Wales

Updated: Jan 2

Described by some as like another planet, it's clear to see why Parys Mountain has grown in popularity. It's filled with different colours with breath-taking landscapes, and even gets compared to looking like Mars!

Image of Parys Mountain in Wales
Photo taken by @rededdie1 via Instagram.

Visitors of Parys Mountain will enjoy a pleasant walk with interesting history to learn about, as well as abandoned buildings to explore. Don't forget to look out for the little waterfall too! Be careful though as there are some steep cliff edges.

Beautiful place with great history and stories and really worth a visit. It was easy to find with a big car park with free parking. – Google Review

You're free to wander around at your own pace and take as many photos as you want, despite it being an old industrial site! Visitors often spend around 3-4 hours at Parys Mountain.

Things to know before visiting Parys Mountain

  • It is free to enter and there is also free parking available at Parys Mountain.

  • Parys Mountain is a great place to walk the dogs so it's safe to say it's dog-friendly!

Image of Parys Mountain in Wales.
Photo taken by @pammyamf via Instagram.

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