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Perranporth's hidden tidal pool in Cornwall

Updated: Jan 3

Perranporth Beach is one of Cornwall's more-known beaches, especially in the summer when crowds and tourists go there to relax for the day. However, they all ignore this hidden gem of a tidal pool.

The Perranporth Tidal Pool is often overlooked by the tourists, which of course keeps the locals happy as they get the pool all to themselves. It's a lovely place to quickly go for a secluded dip away from all those in the actual sea!

Check out the below video of Perranporth Tidal Pool by @cornwall_walking and see for yourself!

The tidal pool is relatively small, which is why it gets missed by the typical beachgoer. The amount of times we've spoken to people who have visited Perranporth Beach multiple times yet have no idea about this tidal pool proves its a little gem.

To visit and explore the tidal pool, look out for the rockpools which are located on the far side of the Chapel Rock. It's not difficult to miss the Chapel Rock due to the flag flying, however the crowds still head towards the sand!

It does get 'cleaned' aka replenished twice a day thanks to the sea of Perranporth at high tide. Don't worry about the pool being chilly - it's situated whereby it receives sunlight for most of the day so you can be sure of a nice warm dip.

Remember - LeaveNoTrace!

As with anywhere outdoors, kindly keep these areas pristine and wild by taking all trash with you. The amount of complaints we have seen since COVID-19 is crazy. It's really not that hard to take your rubbish with you!

As with any location, the more popular it becomes and the more visitors it receives, the greater chance of litter becoming more and more visible. Litter tends to spread, so if you see any and are able to pick it up and dispose of it outside the park, it will help keep the area tidy.

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