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Smoo Cave | Hidden Gem in Scotland

Updated: Jan 2

Smoo Cave is an absolute MUST if you're near the Durness area or are doing the NC500 road trip. It's an utterly incredible place and the photos really don't do it justice.

Image of Smoo Cave in Scotland
Photo taken by @nicola_270 via Instagram.

The first cavern at Smoo Cave is enormous and once there you'll be able to see the second cave which features the waterfall shown in the photos. There is a third cave however this is only accessible via boat which there are tours available.

A must visit! It's truly a mesmerizing cave and do not miss the boat ride. They give a tour inside the cave which can be reached only through a boat ride. – Google Review

Make sure to visit when there is low tide as you'll be able to have a good look around the cave and especially the waterfall. It's worth noting that the stairs going down and then going back up can be quite steep for some so appropriate footwear is required.

Things to know before visiting Smoo Cave

  • Children are allowed to visit this hidden gem.

  • Smoo Cave is dog friendly.

  • There is parking nearby Smoo Cave which is believed to be pay and display.

Image of Smoo Cave in Scotland
Photo taken by @nicola_270 via Instagram.

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