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Some of the new 27 wild swimming spots are riddled with E.coli bacteria

A few months back we announced that England was getting 27 new wild swimming spots scattered across the lakes and rivers.

The government announced that there will be 27 proposed locations across England for new beautiful wild swimming spots, or at least that was the plan!

Tests conducted by The Daily Mail have astongishly come back with some wild swimming spots containing E. coli bacteria which can cause stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Image taken by The Daily Mail

Shockingly, one of the wild swimming spots has so much of the faecal bacteria that swimmers have been told to STAY AWAY!

Whilst the EA (Environment Agency) says that the levels of E.coli in most of the waters The Daily Mail tested were too low to worry about, experts say the country's water shouldn't have any bacteria at all!

They also added that they wouldn't dare stick their head beneath the surface.

The below results are the official E.coli test results, and the full article to read further into their investigations can be found here.

""Our colour-change tests confirmed the presence of e. coli in all but one waterway. Environment Agency data show exactly how many colony forming units (CFUs) of e. coli were found in every 100ml of water.

To achieve 'excellent' status, inland waters such as rivers need to have an average of less than 500 cfu/100ml over four years while coastal waters need to achieve less than 250 cfu/100ml.

River Avon at Fordingbridge: 3000 cfu/100ml

Steamer Quay, Dart Estuary: 980 cfu/100ml

Wallingford Beach, River Thames: 290 cfu/100ml

Rottingdean Beach: <10 cfu/100ml

Goring Beach: <10 cfu/100ml

Worthing Beach House (negative test result): <10 cfu/100ml

To read our full list of the new 27 wild swimming spots in England, you can check it out here.

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