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Stanley Ghyll Force | Hidden Waterfall in Lake District, England

Updated: Mar 6

Stanley Ghyll Force is a 60ft striking waterfall and can be reached by a steep path along a ravine. As it is mostly untouched by human hands, it feels like you're completely away from the noise of the city and connected with nature. A new viewing platform has recently been built which offers spectacular views too.

Image of Stanley Ghyll Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @aurorrka via Instagram.

It's a bit of a journey to get to Stanley Ghyll Waterfall, however it is a nice and scenic walk and once you get to the falls it is amazing to see. It an be quite steep for people who aren't used to it, so we recommend leaving via the gate opposite back down to the road to avoid the steps.

Beautiful spot, did about a 4-5 mile circular from Dalesgarth station. It really is a gorgeous waterfall, would love to see it when there has been some heavy rainfall. – Google Review

Eskdale as a whole is brilliant, but finding this hidden gem in the mature woodland is just incredible. Unfortunately the lower viewing platform is now longer around, however there is now a high level platform which has been thoroughly designed and is much better.

FAQs/Things to know before visiting Stanley Ghyll Waterfall

1) Where is Stanley Ghyll Force located?

Stanley Ghyll Force is located in the Lake District National Park, near the village of Boot in Eskdale, Cumbria, England.

2) What makes Stanley Ghyll Force a hidden gem?

Stanley Ghyll Force is considered a hidden gem due to its remote location, stunning natural beauty, and the picturesque cascade of water as it plunges down a series of rocky steps amidst lush woodland, offering visitors a serene and enchanting experience away from the crowds.

3) How do I get to Stanley Ghyll Force?

Visitors can access Stanley Ghyll Force by foot from the village of Boot. There is a well-marked footpath leading from Boot to Stanley Ghyll, which passes through scenic woodlands and alongside the rushing waters of the beck. The waterfall is located at the end of the trail.

4) Is there an entrance fee to visit Stanley Ghyll Force?

There is no entrance fee to visit Stanley Ghyll Force, as it is located in a public-access area within the Lake District National Park.

5) What can I expect to see at Stanley Ghyll Force?

At Stanley Ghyll Force, visitors can admire the beauty of the cascading water as it flows over the rocky steps amidst the verdant woodland surroundings. The area is also rich in flora and fauna, providing opportunities for nature observation and photography.

6) Are guided tours available for Stanley Ghyll Force?

While there may not be formal guided tours, visitors can explore the area around Stanley Ghyll Force on their own, following the well-marked footpath and enjoying the natural beauty of the Lake District.

7) Is Stanley Ghyll Force suitable for families and children?

Stanley Ghyll Force can be suitable for families and children, but caution is advised, especially near the waterfall where the terrain may be steep and slippery. Parents should supervise children closely during the visit.

8) Are dogs allowed at Stanley Ghyll Force?

Yes, dogs are allowed in the Lake District National Park, including the area around Stanley Ghyll Force, but owners must keep them on a lead and clean up after them to preserve the cleanliness and safety of the area.

9) Are there facilities or amenities near Stanley Ghyll Force?

The village of Boot may offer amenities such as parking, accommodations, restrooms, and dining options for visitors. It is advisable to come prepared with any necessary supplies.

10) What is the best time to visit Stanley Ghyll Force?

Stanley Ghyll Force can be visited all year-round, but the waterfall may be most impressive after heavy rainfall when the water flow is at its peak. Visitors may also enjoy exploring the surrounding woodlands during the spring and summer months when the landscape is lush and green.

Image of Stanley Ghyll Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @wilkins.wildlife via Instagram.

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