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The Devil's Appendix | Hidden Waterfall in Wales

Updated: Mar 5

The Devil's Appendix is actually one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in Wales believe it or not. It's a plunge style waterfall located on the Clogwyn y Geifr cliffs besides Twll Du. We definitely recommend visiting after a heavy day of rainfall.

Image of The Devil's Appendix in Wales.
Photo taken by @secondnature789 via Instagram.

Before you start the walk to The Devil's Appendix, there is also a nice small waterfall called Rhaeadr Ogwen / Ogwen Falls. It's not very high compared to The Devil's Appendix, but the scenary is perfect!

Once you've parked up at Pont Pen-y-Benlog, keep left and head to the trail going to lake Llyn Idwal. Once at the lake, you'll have amazing views of The Devil's Appendix.

FAQs/Things to know before visiting The Devil's Appendix

1) Where is The Devil's Appendix located?

The Devil's Appendix is located in the Brecon Beacons National Park, near the village of Pontneddfechan in Powys, Wales.

2) What makes The Devil's Appendix a hidden gem?

The Devil's Appendix is considered a hidden gem due to its unique geological formations, including a series of cascading waterfalls, deep gorges, and rocky cliffs, offering visitors a thrilling and scenic adventure in a secluded natural setting.

3) How do I get to The Devil's Appendix?

Visitors can access The Devil's Appendix by car or public transportation. The village of Pontneddfechan serves as a starting point for the walk, and there are designated parking areas available. Additionally, there are public footpaths and trails leading to The Devil's Appendix from Pontneddfechan and nearby villages.

4) Is there an entrance fee to visit The Devil's Appendix?

No, there is no entrance fee to visit The Devil's Appendix. It is an open-access area for visitors to explore.

5) What can I expect to see at The Devil's Appendix?

At The Devil's Appendix, visitors can explore a series of stunning waterfalls, including Sgwd Ddwli Isaf (Lower Gushing Falls), Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf (Upper Gushing Falls), and Sgwd Gwladus (Lady Falls). The area also features dramatic rock formations, deep gorges, and lush woodland, providing ample opportunities for hiking, photography, and nature observation.

6) Are there guided tours available for The Devil's Appendix?

While there may not be formal guided tours, visitors can explore The Devil's Appendix on their own, following marked trails and enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape.

7) Is The Devil's Appendix suitable for families and children?

The Devil's Appendix can be suitable for families and children, although some sections of the trails may involve steep terrain and uneven surfaces. Parents should supervise young children closely, especially near the waterfalls and cliff edges.

8) Are dogs allowed at The Devil's Appendix?

Yes, dogs are permitted at The Devil's Appendix, but owners must keep them on a lead and clean up after them to preserve the cleanliness and safety of the area.

9) Are there facilities or amenities near The Devil's Appendix?

The nearby village of Pontneddfechan may offer amenities such as parking, accommodations, and restroom facilities for visitors. It is advisable to come prepared with any necessary supplies.

10) What is the best time to visit The Devil's Appendix?

The Devil's Appendix can be visited all year-round, each season offering its own unique beauty. However, the waterfalls are particularly impressive after heavy rainfall when the water flow is at its peak. Visitors may also enjoy the vibrant colors of the surrounding woodland during the spring and autumn months.

Image of The Devil's Appendix in Wales
Photo taken by @_mountainjay_ via Instagram.

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