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The natural hidden Blue Pool located in Wales

Updated: Jan 3

If you've been to Broughton Bay, chances are you haven't even realised there's a hidden little tidal pool just sitting there!

The Broughton Bay Blue Pool is often overlooked by the tourists, which of course keeps the locals happy as they get the pool all to themselves. It's a lovely place to quickly go for a secluded dip away from all those in the actual sea!

Check out the below video of Broughton Bay Pool by @heykeyt and see for yourself!

It's only reachable by foot, as well as from coming from the east of Broughton Bay. The pool was formed naturally and is around 3ft deep. If you've been to Broughton Bay before and have never noticed this pool, it's completely normal.

Broughton Bay Pool is uncovered at low tide and is separated from the sea by the beach. At high tide, the pool is almost covered and starts to become less defined.

However, it's been reported that there have been many injuries as a result of diving into Broughton Bay Pool. Individuals have even broken their ankles! So, if you are going to visit the Blue Pool, we recommend not diving in and just embrace the gorgeous surroundings!

Remember - LeaveNoTrace!

As with anywhere outdoors, kindly keep these areas pristine and wild by taking all trash with you. The amount of complaints we have seen since COVID-19 is crazy. It's really not that hard to take your rubbish with you!

As with any location, the more popular it becomes and the more visitors it receives, the greater chance of litter becoming more and more visible. Litter tends to spread, so if you see any and are able to pick it up and dispose of it outside the park, it will help keep the area tidy.

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