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This hidden gem in the UK is compared to beauty in France

You don't need to travel to France to experience true beauty; you can find it right here in the UK, specifically Hertfordshire.

Hidden amongst the Chiltern Hills located in Hertfordshire is this stunning lavender field which you may have seen across your Instagram and TikTok feeds (and it's no suprise why!). There's no need to travel over 600 miles to Provence in France when you have this gem only an hour away from London.

You can get an even better experience in our opinion by visiting the Hitchin Lavender field, which can get fairly busy during the sunny summer months.

Image of Hitchin Lavender Fields in Hitchin

If you're travelling from London, it should take you roughly 1 hour and 17 minutes by car to get to the Hitchin Lavender Field, and around 1 hour and 40 minutes from Birmingham.

The Hitchin Lavender Fields are located in Ickleford, on Cadwell Farm. It's worth noting the fields are closed for winter and spring, however they are back open in early summer when the blooms are beginning to emerge.

Also, the farm is home to a lovely sunflower field which opens a little later in the season.

Image of Hitchin Lavender Fields in Hitchin

Unfortuntely, Cadwell Farm has yet to announce when the Hitchin Lavender Fields will be open for the 2024 season. But judging by previous years, we expect the fields to be open around late June or early July.

Hitchin Lavender have released the following statement on their website: "We will be open again early in the summer of 2024, with a specific opening date to be announced in due course."

Visitors will be greeted to approximately 40km of lavender rows, where they can wander through and snap some stunning instagrammable photographs. Visitors will also have the opportunity to pick fresh flowers to take home!

It's worth noting there are many bees in the area; so if you're bringing the little ones, please remind them not to disturb them!

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