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Thor's Cave | Hidden Gem in England

Updated: Jan 2

Clearly visible in the face of a steep cliff, Thor's Cave has a long history of human settlement, and is one of our favourite hidden gems in the whole of the UK!

Image of Thor's Cave in England
Photo taken by @katy.hikes via Instagram.

This place is absolutely breath-taking; from the cave to the surrounding countryside, it's all just spectacular! The history of Thor's Cave is pretty interesting too, and gives you a throwback idea of times gone by.

Really cool cave, the photos didn't do it justice. Bit slippery. Definitely go both on top and inside the cave. – Google Review

We recommend wearing appropriate footwear when visiting Thor's Cave especially during rainy seasons as the ground tends to be soft and slippery (especially when entering the cave itself). However once in the views are amazing and brings serenity and a sense of freedom!

Things to know before visiting Thor's Cave

  • Thor's Cave is dog friendly.

  • There is parking nearby Thor's Cave which is believed to be free.

Image of Thor's Cave in England
Photo taken by via Instagram.

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