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11 Best Hidden Waterfalls to visit in North Wales

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track waterfalls scattered across North Wales.

I think we can all agree that there's something humbling and inspiring about a waterfall, and for those living in a particular area you'll be spoilt for choice! We've taken a look at some of the best hidden waterfalls located around the North Wales region, and it's worth noting that these falls do change within the seasons.

In this article, we share 10 hidden waterfalls in North Wales which you need to add to your Wales bucket list this year to escape the crowds. We hope you enjoy!

A fantastic cascade of waterfalls which are not the easiest to get to but the views are totally worth it! The viewpoint is perfect to see both falls, climb down and have a sit on the rocks (if not too wet) to really take it all in. If you're lucky you may even see some salmon!

Visitors of Conwy Falls will enjoy a wonderful short circular walk with the most spectacular views of the river. The woodland is a gorgeous example of temperate rainforest, hills and of course the beautiful falls!

The more toy descend, the more beautiful the surrounding forest and louder the rush of the water! If you want to get the best view of the falls themselves, you'll have to scramble down to the riverside.

A gorgeous hidden gem located in Llanrwst. The waterfalls are absolutely beautiful and the pools at the bottom are perfect for those wanting a quick dip!

Rhaeadr y Parc Mawr is located in a beautiful setting in a nice secluded spot which not many people know about. Access to this hidden gem of a waterfall is via a gate then follow some steep steps to get to the base of the waterfall.

The stones can be slippery and the walk down is fairly steep so please do take caution and wear appropriate footwear when visiting Rhaeadr y Parc Mawr.

Those visiting Tallylyn Railway will be surprised to know there's a hidden waterfall only a few steps away! It's an amazing scenic walk to the waterfalls and as you can see from the below photo, they are pretty cool!

The stunning woodland around Nant Gwernol offers amazing views, rare wildlife and of course let's not forget a cool waterfall!It's worth noting that there are several flights of steps some of which are made from exposed bedrock and are often quite wed and slippery!

The Devil's Appendix is actually one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in Wales believe it or not. It's a plunge style waterfall located on the Clogwyn y Geifr cliffs besides Twll Du. We definitely recommend visiting after a heavy day of rainfall.

Before you start the walk to The Devil's Appendix, there is also a nice small waterfall called Rhaeadr Ogwen / Ogwen Falls. It's not very high compared to The Devil's Appendix, but the scenary is perfect!

Once you've parked up at Pont Pen-y-Benlog, keep left and head to the trail going to lake Llyn Idwal. Once at the lake, you'll have amazing views of The Devil's Appendix.

You've all seen the famous Instagram photo when people visit Swallow Falls, and it's no wonder why! You do have to pay a small entrance fee to enter (£2 per adult and £1 per child under the age of 14) but I'd say its definitely worth it especially after a heavy day of rainfall!

It's worth noting that apart from the waterfall, there isn't much else to do! Once you enter via the turnstiles, it takes around 2 minutes to walk around and view the waterfall. They do have a few benches which you can sit on and have a picnic but we wouldn't come all the way just to visit this!

Overall, Swallow Falls is a great location to visit but very restrictive in what you are permitted to see in our opinion. If you're a photographer you'll be disappointed to know that some of the prime locations are unreachable. You can still take some amazing photos from the viewpoint though!

This gem is a lovely little waterfall located right in the middle of a village. If you fancy being adventurous, you can keep climbing the steps to explore the further trails and if you're lucky enough to have a lot of water flowing, why not go for a quick dip?!

Rhaeadr Dyserth is a beautiful waterfall to visit, but be prepared for some steep steps and pathways along the way (it's totally worth it for the view though!). The falls are gorgeous, and there's plenty of time for a quick picture on the bridge walkway.

Quick tip: When you get to the top of the steps you'll see an area with benches, look to the left of that and you'll see steps which lead down into the main wooded area of the falls. The path is uneven, but once down you can then explore all of the pathways and water streams to your hearts content!

Considered one of the more popular waterfalls in North Wales; Aber Falls is definitely still unknown to the majority of tourists and should be up there on your bucket list. You can get really close to the front of the waterfall, and there is step free access all the way to one side of the waterfall for those feeling brave.

Aber Falls is a beautiful waterfall at the end of an amazing valley. For those with walking difficulties, you'll be pleased to know there is step free access all the way to one side of the waterfall. There is access to the other side however this requires irregular descending steps to a bridge and then more climbing on the opposite bank.

As part of the Wales Coastal Path, there is a longer, three-hour circular trail. This path will lead you to a breath-taking vantage point from which you can see the isle of Anglesey across the strait.

Rhaeadr Ogwen, otherwise known as Ogwen Falls, are a series of cascading waterfalls, which can be seen from not one but two vantage points! There are multiple routes you can take to get to each of the different falls, so take your pick.

If you're visiting after a few days of rain the waterfall will be quite choppy so please do take extra care, but its worth visiting this quaint gem. Visitors will enjoy this beautiful walk along the River Ogwen with tranquil surroundings and amazing scenery.

Dolgoch Falls is a fairly sized waterfall, maybe not at the height of those such as Aber Falls or The Devil's Appendix but its still worth a visit! If you're looking for a place to relax and unwind, then this is the spot for you. It's easy access to the falls and there's also some great spots for those wanting a cute picnic.

For those that have ticked off many waterfalls in their lifetime, you might be scratching your head as to how this is considered a waterfall. However, none-the-less it's a good place for a walk with nature! It's definitely the place to come to relax and unwind.

There is a good steady path which takes you to the first big waterfall which presents visitors with a load of photography opportunities. To get to the top of the waterfall requires a bit more effort and a good pair of shoes! If your fitness is up to scratch, the overall walk should take you roughly an hour.

A series of cascading waterfalls is presented to you when you visit the Fairy Falls, and what a sight they are! We recommend starting at the top and walk down as there are numerous falls and rapid water (on a small scale, but very tranquil).

There are some many routs to choose from with different levels of difficulty, so this is one of our favourite spots in North Wales!

If you're a fan of waterfalls, you'll definitely love the Fairy Falls! We recommend starting at the top and then walking down as there are numerous waterfalls and rapid waters (on a small scale but still very tranquil!). During the walk you should be able to see the old cotton mill which is now abandoned.

One of Llanberis' best hidden gems is Ceunant Mawr Waterfall. If you can find the lower trail under the bridge, then follow the stream and you will see differing levels of water drops, until you reach the large fall itself. We recommend wearing good footwear too.

There is a gorgeous lower river part we definitely recommend checking out, as it's a small waterfall halfway up and then a very tall waterfall which plunges into a pool!

It's worth the short walk (around 15 minutes) to get to the top of the waterfall and a must-do if you're here. However when you're at the top, you have to cross the railroad tracks to get a good view but there's no need to panic as there's safe space to avoid the train whilst you're up there!

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known waterfalls which are scattered around North Wales. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your Wales trip even more memorable!

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