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7 Best Waterfalls in the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track waterfalls scattered across the Isle of Skye.

The Isle of Skye is best known for its medieval castles and rugged landscapes. It is 50 miles long, and is the largest of the Inner Hebrides. It's often a popular spot for tourists to visit when they're in Scotland, however what most don't realise are the hidden beauty waterfalls which are scattered along the island.

In this article, we share 7 of the best waterfalls in the Isle of Skye which you need to add to your Isle of Skye bucket list this year. We hope you enjoy!

1) Mealt Falls

Described by some as one of the best scenery views in Skye, this little gem is amazing! Visitors can enjoy a magnificent point of view with a waterfall which simply throws itself at least from the cliff.

2) Rha Waterfalls

This great double little waterfall is tucked away not to far from the roadside and is the perfect place to unwind in peace. There isn't much else to see apart from this waterfall, and you'll only spend around 10 minutes here. If you're in the area, we'd definitely recommend!

3) Eas Tardil Waterfall

Eas Tardil Waterfall is a fantastic hidden waterfall bouncing off the cliff face and finally in front of a sea cave. If you're going to visit, don't forget that it's only visible from the seaward side of the East Waternish peninsula!

4) Bride's Veil Falls

A gorgeous little waterfall which gets discovered by accident by the majority of people! It's only a 3 minute walk from the car park, and the views of The Old Man of Storr are out of this world. If you're heading north on the island, it's worth a visit.

5) Eas a'Bhradain

A true hidden gem of a waterfall located on the side of the road. There's isn't much of a path to get to the waterfall, but it isn't very difficult to get too. Photographers will love this gem, and if you happen to be driving past we'd definitely say get out and have a look!

6) Carbost Burn Waterfall

Carbost Burn Waterfall is a waterfall hidden by the municipalities and tourist sites of the Isle of Skye. It's not the easiest to get to, but its worth the short scramble to be able to actually have a dip in the water!

7) Talisker Waterfall

Talisker Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in a very special landscape, if only because of the unique black sandy beach. It's a half hour walk to the beach from the small parking space by the road, and if you walk around the top of the beach you can get up quite close to the falls!

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known waterfalls which are scattered around the Isle of Skye. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your Isle of Skye trip even more memorable!

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